3 best reasons you should have a bonsai with your partner

An old couple carrying a bunch of plants

Undoubtedly, there numerous reasons why you can consider becoming a bonsai tree gardener. Gardening bonsai is truly one of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together with your loved one. While solo gardening can be empowering, inspiring and rewarding, a bonsai tree with your special someone can create lovely sweet memories that you will cherish forever. Check the 3 best reasons you should have a bonsai as a couple.

1. A bonsai tree will also become more beautiful when wounded

Let’s face it, horrible situations and unforeseen events are almost inevitable, when you are together as a couple.  New family’s, own habits, jealousy and work are just some of the unpleasant things that are happening. Fortunately, you have someone with you to lighten things up and ease the situation.

Practicing bonsai is impossible without causing a bonsai tree controlled stress and mild shock. However, regardless of its many wounds, a bonsai tree will only become more beautiful.

Not only is this inspiring even if you are still a beginner bonsai enthusiast but it is also another important lesson you can learn from having a bonsai tree with your partner – quintessentially, that beauty is found in the tiny flaws that make us unique and authentic.

2. A bonsai tree can help you and your partner train your mind

Just like regular exercising is extremely beneficial for your body, so is looking after a bonsai tree much like training for your mind. Doing bonsai as a couple lets you share the burden of patience and decision making. More importantly, it improves your chances of making the right decisions. Altogether with the consistency needed to make a bonsai tree thrive, you can reap a whole array of health benefits that are deeply related to the way your mind functions and response to outer stimuli such as stress – the number one cause for disease in the 21st century.

3. A bonsai tree could be your lifelong best friend

When properly cared-for together, a Bonsai tree can live for decades, or more. Many ancient Bonsai displayed around the world have been alive for literally hundreds of years, with the oldest believed to be somewhere over 800. A bonsai tree can easily outlive most pests such as cat and dogs in your household, and despite being a silent companion, it can become a lifelong best friend of you as a couple. A Bonsai is a living, growing, loving entity which is happy to share in your life together, without ever being demanding or damaging the environment around it.

It’s no wonder that Bonsai trees have become such popular companions around the world! Adding one to your couple life immediately brings you a thing of beauty, and power, and love.

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